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Accident Investigation


Accident Reconstruction


Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction


Commercial Vehicle Operations


Expert Witness Testimony


Forensic Mapping


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Crash Scene Mapping



Since 1990 we have utilized modern technologies, science and talented expertise to produce accurate representations of crash scenes. We can prove our opinions and we deliver them with a 30 year history of satisfied clients.


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Aerial Mapping services are available.

Aerial Photos and Mapping for inspections, real estate, construction, farm land and more.


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COVID-19 Pandemic

April 7, 2020


Thank you for your recent request for confirmation that your business or organization meets the critera for performing an "essential function" as set forth in the Kansas Essential Function Framework ("KEEF") under Kansas Executive Order 20-16.


The KEFF Team has reviewed your request and accompanying information. Based on that information, the KEFF Team confirms your business status as an "essential function." under the following KEFF categories:


[KEFF 100 Connect: | N/A|, KEFF 200 Distribute: |N/A|, KEFF 300 Manage: |05|11|19 KEFF 400 Supply: |N/A|]


Under Executive Order 20-16, you and your employees may leave their homes to perform these essential functions; this does not include other the performance of other non-essential functions. If an employee is engaged only in the performance of non-essential functions, they must remain at home.


Additionally, under Executive Order 20-16, while performing essential functions you and your employees must still use telework capabilities and follow appropriate safety protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to the extent possible without significant disruption to essential functions.

This confirmation is subject to revision or revocation if the KEFF Team receives additional relevant information. The KEFF Team will notify local officials of this confirmation.

We wish everyone good health and especially our healthcare communities and first responders.


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